guys know that your arrogance is going overboard, right?

From an outsider-almost-bbc point of view, you guys look kinda stupid and arrogant. It makes outsider-almost-bbcs like me feel disgusted. Oh wait, look, it’s making your own family bbcs disgusted. Ya’ll are all hurting each other and don’t even give a shit. It’s hilarious that these “sunbae” bbcs are being enlightists when they’ve only known Block B for a little over a fucking year. I’ve been a fucking kpopper since H.O.T., does that make me your fucking God?

And you know what? Trolling is totally fine. Go ahead and troll. But you guys are turning on each other. You. “sunbae” bbcs, are turning on your “newbie” bbcs and belittling them, saying things like, “oh you must be new”. Do you know how much of a fucking turn-off that is? How would you feel if you immigrated to a new country and then the people in that country doesn’t accept you as a member of their country? Yeah that’s right. I just used a stupid comparison and didn’t give a fuck.

On the edge whether I want to join this stupid “you-must-know-how-to-troll” fandom. Not on the edge whether I love the boys, cause I love them. Does that make me or anyone else “not” a bbc? Can we not call ourselves bbcs, because we don’t know “how-to-be-bbc”? How stupid does that sound. Wow.

Like I said, go on. Troll. Troll all you want. But you “sunbaes” (lol, i’m probably older than all of yall) are making your younger members feel like shit. And you know that Block B couldn’t ever have won the poll or gained enough daum cafe members up to the 19th spot, if there weren’t new members, right?

You and your stupid troll-ass self could have never done anything for Block B if they didn’t gain so many new fans after the Thai scandal, so shut the fuck up and respect these new fans. What? Offended? Come at me bro.

Cause obviously you don’t understand that “new” bbcs are also bbcs. What kind of stupid mess is going on. Oh, wait, don’t take this seriously, it was just a joke. I’m learning from you “sunbae” bbcs now. Smart, aren’t I? Can I call myself a BBC now?

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    I got this post on my dash so many times, but le wife’s response is A+ So…reblogging
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    I absolutely agree! And don’t worry, no offense taken, we’re discussing groups here not individual users :D I addressed...
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    Sir, you don’t even know your own fandom. Old? Yes. Hypocritical? No, I was showing you how it feels like to be “under”...
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    This is good, we need to change, BBCs, that’s not Hep Hap :)♥
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    I’ve been a fucking kpopper since H.O.T LOL, holy joss, aren’t you a little too old to be here? ◕‿◕。 And what are you...
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